Saturday, 29 June 2013


Dales filly Destiny de Kingmaker has been reserved to a fantastic new home in the UK. She will leave us shortly after weaning in late November 2013. Until then, she will continue to learn her  "Foal ABC", and we will enjoy the time we have left with this quiet, gentle girl.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Summer Solstice and a new Postlady

Dakota, now 6 weeks old, seems to be in touch with her Pagan side. She decided to celebrate Summer Solstice by carrying a bunch of Oak leaves around with her for most of the morning :

Defender is still being mothered by Destiny. It seems to be mutual adoration!  :


Defender, now 3 weeks old, having a snooze in the buttercups on Longest Day : 

Destiny, 8 weeks old :
Dakota proves that you can't leave anything unattended on the yard when there's a very mischievous foal waiting to pounce! I emptied the postbox and she decided to re-deliver the mail :

Monday, 17 June 2013

Destiny loves Defender

7 week old filly foal Destiny is proving to be a really sweet and very feminine foal. She is smitten with our new colt Defender, and mothers him at every opportunity, even tolerating the occasional case of mistaken identity when he attempts to suckle her teats rather than his dam's!!!

 I had a minor panic this morning when I first checked the horses and spotted Destiny's dam Inca grazing alone in the field. Not a foal in sight. I was convinced something awful had happened to Destiny overnight (we'd had quite a violent thunderstorm which lasted for several hours, and 7 week-old foals do not normally stray far from their dams) so I sprinted to the stable-block where I found a totally non-plussed Destiny standing watch over Defender, whilst he slept flat-out and snoring.

Dakota is not so impressed with her new baby brother. She finds him a bit boring because his dam Fiona will not allow him to join in with her speedy games. Instead, she had to content herself with human interaction and was fitted with her first headcollar. This was probably not Dakota's idea of a fun game (she prefers to throw adult-sized headcollars around the yard!) but she stood as still as a statue to have her headcollar slipped on, adjusted, and then removed. Clever Dakota.

Destiny, on the right, snuggling up to Defender :

Dakota wearing a headcollar for the first time : 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jumping Jac

We're feeling very proud of Jac (Kingmaker Union Jacques) who has just turned 5 years old. He has been cross-country schooling with his owner Sarah Dowson, who says they had great fun and Jac tackled all of the jumps with enthusiasm.

Sarah frequently loses the ride on Jac to her young daughter Jessica who is a cracking little jockey. Not many Dales Ponies can be ridden by young children (due to their size and strength) but Jess makes it look easy!

Jac with his young jockey Jessica Dowson :
Jac & Jess try the water
Jac & Jess popping quite a big log!
Jac is the half-brother (same dam) of  our 2013 bay colt Defender de Kingmaker. We'll be really happy if  Defender grows up to be half as kind, gentle and honest as Jac is proving to be!

Introducing DEFENDER de Kingmaker

Lowhouses Fiona gave birth to a lovely bay colt in the early hours of  27th May 2013. We have named the new colt Defender de Kingmaker.

Fen is a true-to-type, compact foal with a very pretty head and a beautiful rich bay coat. He almost looks too pretty to be a boy, hence the strong name choice, to man him up a bit!

In common with all of Fiona's foals, he seems to have inherited a superb temperament. He is already very laid-back and people-orientated. Early indications suggest that he has a nice high-stepping trot and lots of natural presence. We believe he would do well in any ride & drive discipline and may have stallion potential.

Defender will be for sale after weaning in November 2013, and can be reserved now.

 Defender at just 6 hours old, getting to know Martin :  


Cantering around his paddock aged 8 days :
Posing for the camera aged 9 days :