Monday, 18 August 2014

Splash !!!

We had torrential rain in mid-May following Emperor's birth, but we don't like to keep our new foals stabled, so at 3 days of age, Impy discovered puddles the hard way!

I was fortunate to have my point-and-shoot camera in my pocket and realised what was about to happen as Impy was turned-out and set off on his first mad dash of the morning. I just managed to drag the camera out and aim it roughly in the direction of the silver blur as Impy went careering through a deep puddle at the gallop....

SPLASH !!!!! Water everywhere. A thoroughly soaked and somewhat shocked little foal. A look from Inca as if to say "well that serves you right dear", and one of those classic foal memories that will stay in our minds for ever.

Introducing Emperor de Kingmaker

Inca (Wolsey Quebec) gave birth to her fourth foal at 1.05am on 19th May 2014, bang on her due date. The new baby is a classy black colt with a central star, who we have named Emperor de Kingmaker, as he has a very proud and imperious look. He is a lively and mischievous boy, so very quickly acquired the pet name of Impy. Given that Inca's previous foals have all been fillies, he is quite a shock to her system!

Emperor's father is our black stallion Thornville Pride who has almost 100% Wheatside bloodlines. We hope to find a new home for Emperor where he will remain entire and be licensed as a stallion to help preserve these important bloodlines in the Dales breed.

Impy at 1 day old :

Impy at 4 days old :


Impy at 12 days old :


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Introducing Equinox de Kingmaker

Tetley (Twywell Rosie Leigh) gave birth to her second foal at 1am on 17th April 2014. The new baby is a beautiful rich bay colt, with no white markings, who we have named Equinox de Kingmaker.

Equinox's father is our bay roan stallion Coverdales Carnival King.

From the outset, it was apparent that Equinox had the most wonderful, gentle nature. I am writing this blog in August (so much for my pledge to keep up-to-date!!!) and it's fair to say that Equinox has never put a hoof wrong in the 3½ months that have passed since his birth. He is a fun, friendly, athletic foal who loves to run and play. He has a wonderful, high-stepping trot, and he's doing really well with his early lessons - the "Mr Perfect" of our 2014 foals.

The photos below are of Equinox from birth to 3½ months old :