Monday, 18 August 2014

Splash !!!

We had torrential rain in mid-May following Emperor's birth, but we don't like to keep our new foals stabled, so at 3 days of age, Impy discovered puddles the hard way!

I was fortunate to have my point-and-shoot camera in my pocket and realised what was about to happen as Impy was turned-out and set off on his first mad dash of the morning. I just managed to drag the camera out and aim it roughly in the direction of the silver blur as Impy went careering through a deep puddle at the gallop....

SPLASH !!!!! Water everywhere. A thoroughly soaked and somewhat shocked little foal. A look from Inca as if to say "well that serves you right dear", and one of those classic foal memories that will stay in our minds for ever.

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