Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Introducing ELIANNE de Kingmaker

Gem (Manorian Moonstone) gave birth to her sixth foal, a tall, whole black filly, at 3.20am on 18th March 2014. We have named the new filly Elianne, in memory of my Parisian great-auntie Elianne, plus it's names beginning with "E" for horses born in France this year!

Elianne is a delightful foal. She is extremely curious (probably better described as downright nosey!) and chock-full of confidence. She loves human attention, and is racing ahead with her early lessons. She loves to be groomed and by the age of just 4 weeks, was standing perfectly to have her mane and tail combed, and all four hooves picked-out. She takes all new experiences in her stride and seems to be fazed by nothing!

Photos of Elianne from birth - 3 weeks old



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