Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Introducing ENVOY de Kingmaker, aka ZIGGY STARDUST

Becky (Packsfield Ella Beck) gave birth to her third foal, a RARE bay roan colt with central star, at 10.30pm on 6th April 2014. We have named the new colt Envoy de Kingmaker.

Envoy quickly acquired the nickname Ziggy Stardust. He was born just over 1 week early and spent the first hour of his life zig-zagging determinedly across his foaling-box whilst he worked out how to co-ordinate wobbly legs with brain! He fell over a few times - hence the "foal who fell to Earth", plus he has a sprinkling of silver hairs on his hindquarters which adds to the "stardust" effect.

Ziggy is a loveable, chunky foal with a pretty head and a beautiful expression. He looks to have the conformation and temperament to be run on as a stallion prospect.  Ziggy's father Coverdales Carnival King is still the ONLY licensed bay roan Dales stallion in the World, and we believe that Ziggy is the only entire bay roan colt, so he may well grow up to have a future helping to ensure the continuation of the bay roan colour in the Dales breed. Time will tell.

Ziggy is a quiet, inquisitive foal, with an obvious cheeky streak that is just waiting to come to the fore. His dam Becky is a little over-protective of her new baby and rounds him up whenever he runs off to explore on his own. However, as time progresses, Ziggy is starting to rebel - he runs away faster! - and Becky is tiring of her disciplinarian role, so a lively, more confident Ziggy is now starting to appear.

Photos of Ziggy from birth - 3 weeks old


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